Our history


AgricCo promotes the mobility of commodities between regions, strategically matching one area’s market capabilities with market consumption pattern in another. Our biblical interaction with the African and Asian continents enabled us to expand an integrated supply chain model to be linked with other fast-growing regions.

Our focus is to continue growing synergies, entrench presence and deepen the value chain through increasing processing initiatives.

Our mission is to promote widespread use for the versatile of agricultural products, to supply and deliver raw and semi-processed materials as requested and to form long standing business relationships with reputed clients from around the globe.

Our talent in this market stems from our first-class market knowledge of the agricultural products and our highly developed suppliers’ network in Africa and Asia as well as our unrivalled service quality provided to all of our clients. In addition, the advantageous market conditions in Africa and Asia for exporting agricultural products allowed us to supply and build strong relationships with some of the best-known companies throughout Europe, Asia and North America.

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