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Sesame Seed

Sesame seed

It is considered to be historically harvested for more than 3000 years ago. The most recurrent type traded in many markets is white sesame seeds. However, sesame seed color may vary depending upon the region and growing conditions.

It is mainly used as a coating surface for bakery, chocolate and other deserts. The color may range between gold, reddish brown and brown. From Sesame seed Sesame oil is produced, notably known for its distinguished nutty flavor and slightly sweet taste.

Sesame Seeds Benefits:

– It is known for producing oil or consumed on its own.
– It contains 50 to 60% fatty oil which has powerful antioxidants and because the triple unsaturated fatty acids are missing.
– It can be stored for long period of time.
– It can be added to bread, salads, biscuits and candy.
– Its oil is also used for scrubbing the skin and massaging it.
– It is rich in iron, magnesium, copper, calcium, vitamins and they also contain sesamin which are antioxidant and have anti-cancer properties.
– It has phytosterols which reduces blood cholesterol.


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