Watermelon Seeds

Watermelon is one of the fruits that are rich of water and good for hydrating our body because they contain vitamin A, C, and potassium, zinc, fat and calorie.

Watermelon seeds benefits:

– Watermelon seeds are the natural source of amino acid such as arginine and lysine which are essential for calcium absorption and collagen formation.

– Watermelon seeds are a source of magnesium. A 100 gram of watermelon seeds provides 139% of magnesium that is required by the body. The magnesium is also important for controlling blood pressure and carbohydrate metabolism.

– Its rich in fiber and vitamin B. The most vitamin B found in watermelon seeds is niacin which is essential for the health of the nerve system, the digestive system, and the skin.

– The arginin in the watermelon seeds is essential for controlling blood pressure and healing coronary heart disease. The others amino acid in watermelon seeds include tryptophan, glutamate acid, and lisin.

– Watermelon seeds are also rich in copper which can produce hemoglobin that helps humans’ hair growth.


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